Screen Recorder

Record entire screen or a custom area.

  • Record in half or full size
  • Adjust quality and fps
  • MP4 file format
  • High quality compressed video

Audio Recorder

Record microphone, speakers or other audio devices.

  • Record recording and playback devices
  • Record up to two devices together
  • Adjust bitrate, sample-rate and number of channels
  • High quality compressed audio

Visual Elements

Add watermark and highlight pointer.

  • Customize watermark color, font, outline and position
  • Customize highlight color

Advanced Selection Tool

Easily select any window or region using the powerful selection tool.

  • Select and record entire screen, a window, a fixed area or area around the pointer
  • Use the magnifier tool for fast and accurate selection
  • Full keyboard support to move and resize the selection


Use hotkeys to control recording process.

  • Choose shortcuts for record, stop, pause and resume operations
  • Use hotkeys to control the app while it's minimized

Notification Area Integration

Interact with the app entirely through the notification area icon to avoid recording app's UI

In-game Recording

Record and share your gaming experience

User Friendly

  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight